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Cooking Accessories


Results 1 to 9 (of 92)

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Results 1 to 9 (of 92)

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What are the latest pots pans and gadgets that can help me prepare my camping meals?


Cooking is one of the real fun parts of camping, and can sometimes be the only time Dad gets put in charge of cooking a meal!


We stock a number of cook sets which mostly contain a few pans and a frying pan packed up tightly and compactly for ease of storage and transportation.


Collapsible products are the ones that everybody is talking about these days. You can get collapsible kettles, pot's and, colanders, washing up bowls, buckets and more. This stuff folds down flat and means you can take plenty of kit away with you and still have room in the boot for a few more pieces of camping equipment!


A kettle is one of the first thnigs to put on your shopping list and even a coffee pot if you're feeling a little adventurous. Check out our Kettle and Coffee Pot section.


It's always handy to put a windshield around your stove to protect it from that fresh breeze running through the campsite. Head over to the Stove Windshields section to find out more.


For all of your gas canisters, natural fuel and regulators head over to the Fuel section.


You'll need a decent lighter to use on the campsite, check out what's available in the Lighters section.


Also see our Regulators, Hose and Clips section for those essential bits and pieces.