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I'm not sure what to pack my camping gear in, what do you have available? 

Here at World of Camping, we have a great selection of Rucksacks, anywhere from 12-litre KingCamp Lightweight Rucksack that pack away into a tight ball for just a few English pounds up to the much larger 70 and 80-litre rucksacks.

We also have a selection of Luggage and Cargo Bags some of which can be used as replacement tent bags if you have somehow lost or damaged your original one.

Check out the Children's Travel section for fun bags for the kids. It's great for kids to feel they have responsibility for their own luggage, and these fun designs will be really appealing to the littluns.

If you have a lot of camping luggage or going to a festival and there's a massive hike from the car park to the camping field then have a browse through the Trolleys and Transporters section where you will find lots of different options to load up with your camping equipment and make that trip from car park to tent pitch as quick and pain-free as possible. The sooner you pitch the tent, the sooner you can crack open that first can...

If you're hiking and anticipating getting wet or doing some watersports and still want to take your phone along then please check out the Waterproof Pouches section.

Whether you call it a Bum Bag or a Fanny Pack (like they do in America!) we have a great choice! - Keep your valuables close and safe when you're running, hiking or sleeping with one of these smart little packs!

We also stock Wash Bags and Towels and have some handy little Travel and Security items including locks, high vis vests and pets travel water bottles.