Expert Advice on Air Tents

Little in the world of camping can be regarded as so much of a breakthrough as the air inflatable tents that are now available.


Having been around for a few years now they have shown themselves to be sturdy and hard wearing and easy to use, and it is technology that has been used in inflatable boats for many years before the application of the technology in tents. 


The fundamental theory behind an air tent is instead of regular tent poles a canvas or canvas type sleeve encases a plastic inner tube which is inflated to provide the strength required to hold the tent up.


There are various valve systems available, but they all incorporate a one-way limited loss valve to inflate them with, so there is no need to struggle to fit the cap back with air rapidly escaping, making the tubes even easier to use.


Inner tubes are easily replaced should the worst happen, but it is rare for a fault to occur.


Whereas regular poles are flexible to a certain amount before they will fracture and splinter (or kink in the case of alloy poles) air inflatable tubes are capable of flexing further than a poled tent.  This makes them much more resilient to flexing as the tent is pitched, also to weather conditions.


These air inflatable tents are easier to pitch, partly as there is no risk of breaking poles by the tent twisting or falling.  These are also easier to pitch on your own or with less people.


Inflatable air tubes are usually only used in larger family tents due to the thickness of air tubes required for strength, they would not be suitable for use in small tents as the air tubes are not capable of the sharp bends required in smaller size tents.


The main brands of air tents we stock are Outwell, Vango and Outdoor Revolution.

They all have their own advantages, but it is personal taste that defines which brand you choose.


Multi room air tents are available that further enhance your camping experience, them most common type of air tent that we sell is the single room tunnel tent with a bedroom inner.

The Outwell Air Chatham 4A Tent is sure to be a best seller and is a great all-round family tent.


Outwell Air Chatham 4A Tent

The large amount of interior space in the main area of the tent makes this a comfortable place to spend the day should it rain, whilst the bedroom inners offer a draught sleeping area with reduced light levels.


Air inflatable compact camping for couples is also available with tents such as the Vango Experience Skye Air 400 Tent

Skye Air 400 Tent

Whilst it can sleep 4 people, it can be used as a luxury tent for 2 people when touring.  The front area can be used for storage and extra room when changing clothes etc.


 The benefits of the air inflatable system such as the quick pitching and can be enjoyed where most smaller tents use poles.


As the bedroom area is split into two, the smaller of the two could be used as storage space or even as a toilet area with a chemical toilet if desired.


Whilst this size tent is great for couples or small families, these tents don’t allow for spacious or luxurious camping for larger groups or Families.

The Vango Exclusive Tahiti Air 600XL Tent is a large tent with several rooms that means you can have all the comfort of home in your tent.  The front porch area is built in, so an interior divider is fitted which allows the front part of the tent to be separated from the main living area.


Most campers will use the front area as a “wet” area to leave items such as chairs, tables and shoes.  This means the central area can be carpeted for even more luxury in front of the bedroom section.

Vango Exclusive Tahiti Air 600XL Tent


Perfect for longer stays, this tent could be set up for living without the need to constantly pack things away at different times of the day.


With the growing popularity of glamping, the Vango Airhub Hexaway is a multi-function tent that can be used as a family single room tent, or glamping tent for a couple.

Vango Airhub Hexaway

Featuring a linked single Airbeam system and single inflation point this tent is easy to pitch and offers lots of interior space.


Polycotton air inflatable tents are also available, these feature the same benefits of the air systems talked about above but the added benefits of Poly cotton.


Those benefits include better resistance to the formation of condensation, particularly over night when temperatures drop.  This is because the material breathes and allows the condensation to be dried from the outside.


Whilst they do in some cases require a weathering process to be used prior to its first use they still provide a better experience when camping.


Another benefit is the reduced amount of flapping and rustling sounds that would normally be experience in a Polyester Tent.


This Vango Solace TC 400 is a compact air inflatable Polycotton tent from Vango.

Vango Solace TC 400

This tent uses a 3-room construction meaning that the front porch can be separately sealed from the middle area of the tent, which is usually used as a lounge and dry room.


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