Expert Advice on Inner Tent

An Inner Tent is a great addition to any Awning or tent, and creates a level of comfort and privacy.Not only are they useful to reduce the amount of light in the sleeping area, they also reduce draughts and keep the sleeping area warmer. They also function as an extra barrier against mosquitos as they are constructed from fine mesh. Condensation is also an issue in almost all tents, but an inner tent helps to reduce dripping from the tent walls and ceiling onto the sleeping area at night.   There are a variety of inner tents available for a wide variety of tents and awnings, some of which are specific to one awning. Most universal inner tents use tie strips to attach to the loops inside the awning or tent, whereas manufacturer specific inner tents use plastic clips to attach to the inside of the tent.




The universal inner tent is very popular, but it is not shaped to fit a specific awning and because of this it will take up slightly more space.They are good value and offer a good amount of draught resistance and condensation drip resistance, they are also available in 2 and 3 berth sizes. They are attached to the inside of the tent or awning with tie straps.




Oudoor revolution 2 berth inner tent

These are a better fit inside the awning and are shaped to attach to the inside of the tent or awning as they are angled on one side wall, so they allow the inner to be closer to the awning or tents wall and so minimises the amount of space that the inner tent takes up. This example is an Outdoor Revolution 2 Berth inner and is attached to the inside of an Outdoor Revolution Awning with plastic clips.  



Outdoor Revolution 4 Berth Inner Tent

4 berth inners are a great way to get tent like luxury into a larger drive away awning.An example of the type of an awning that this will suit is the Cayman Cacos Whereas the 2 berth Outdoor revolution inner tent will take up half of the enclosed awning space, the 4 berth will take up the whole enclosed space. This Inner tent is split into 2 bedrooms which is great for increasing privacy. CARAVAN AWNING INNER TENTS  


Caravan Inners are the same as drive-away and tent inner tents, this example is designed to fit some Vango caravan awnings. As you can see from the photo, they are designed to follow the contour of the roof of the caravan awning.