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I would prefer a folding bed to a self inflating mat or an airbed, What's available for me? 

If you prefer to sleep raised off the ground and would rather be on a folding bed than any kind of self inflating mat or mattress, then we have a selection of Folding Camp Beds available for you.

There are a few different folding camp beds available. The most popular of these for many years have been the Outwell Posadas Folding Camp Beds which have been best sellers due to their good value and reliability.

Folding camp beds are available in Single and Double versions. They provide more of a feeling of being on a regular bed. Often, these days, many campers prefer to use one with a self inflating mat on top to provide both height and comfort. If you have the space to transport both, this can be a great option for a good night's sleep on the campsite.

As Always, please check the 'Features' and 'Specifications' sections of each product for open size and pack size to gauge if it will be the right bed for your needs.

If you have a big tent and would like something a little exciting for the kids, then we have some Children's Bunk Beds available.

If you like to think a little bit out of the box, or in fact out of the tent... then why not have a browse through the Hammock section of the World of Camping website.