Expert Advice on Budget Camping

Camping can be one of the cheapest ways to stay away from home.


Not everyone needs a tent that costs well over a thousand pounds and nearly matching value of accessories to stay away for a few nights of basic camping.

So, here’s how 2 people could start (or get back into) camping for under £100!


All the prices listed below are current to the date of posting, although no liability can be accepted for pricing differences.


Obviously the most important item is the tent, and there are some very good bargain smaller tents available for very little money.


One example of this is the Kingcamp Danube.

Kingcamp Danube

Whilst this tent only has a hydrostatic head of 1500mm it is still plenty waterproof for light summer rain.

This tent even features aluminum poles which are lighter, stronger and are usually in smaller sections which makes the pack size smaller.  The price for this compact 2 berth tent is £29.99, which is excellent value for an Aluminum poled tent.


The next most important item would be an airbed or self-inflating mat.

A great value airbed that is manufactured to good quality standards it the Outwell Flock Classic Double Airbed.

Outwell Flock Classic Double Airbed.

These are great value for such a good quality item at £14.99 and would be sure to offer many nights of comfort.


Camping with no light in your tent once it gets dark can make evenings miserable, but a decent light is not an expensive accessory.


At only £4.25 the Orb light is excellent value and runs from an easily replaced single AA battery and can run for tens of hours on one battery.

Orb light

They also give a warm and natural light which can be dimmed to reduce eye strain in the evening.


A good sleeping bag makes a big difference to a camping trip, so it is important to consider the time of year and the location that you will be camping, a great sleeping bag for summer use is the Easy Camp Chakra.

Easy Camp Chakra.

They are excellent value at £19.98 for two.


You will need an airbed pump to inflate your airbed and these can be bought for as little as £5.99


This Bellows foot operated pump is a great value addition to your camping kit and makes airbed inflation a breeze.

Bellows foot operated pump

More importantly it can be used to inflate various other inflatable items if you ever decide to expand your inflatable gear range, such as inflatable chairs.


A simple mallet is also required to pitch the tent and drive in the tent pegs.


Our classic camping Mallet is a great choice and does exactly what is supposed to.


Costing only £1.99 this mallet is an excellent accessory to own.


Cooking whilst not an essential when camping is very convenient especially if you are miles from the nearest restaurant.


A budget cooking set up need not be expensive and can provide a decent amount of heat for very little cost.

This solid tablet stove is great value at only £1.99 and is not only compact, but cheap to run too.

solid tablet stove

The refill tablets are available to buy from us too.


Whilst a full-size pan won’t fit on this stove, a lightweight Aluminum mess tin will work well with this stove and is perfect for heating some beans or soup.

 mess tins

These Vango mess tins are great value at only £4.99 and will work well with the solid tablet stove.


Having nowhere to sit outside your tent of a warm summer evening would take away some of the enjoyment of camping, so these chairs with cupholders are a great buy at only £15.00 for the pair.

chairs with cupholders

So, for under £100.00 (£99.17 to be exact) you can go camping including cooking for 2 people, what are you waiting for?

Get camping!