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Hamax Lillehammer Rodel Mini Sledge 90

Sledges-An essential for the loft!

Posted in Camping Tips / Great Deals & Special Offers / News & Reviews on 19th December 2017

Author - James Coplin

We hope and wish for it all winter, when it arrives it always takes us by surprise and then we complain about the chaos it causes! Snow! We’ve had a smattering across parts of the country lately and by all accounts it’s looking likely we’ll get more before winter is up. It’s at this point […]

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myweeteepee play tents

Myweeteepee Play Tents

Posted in Great Deals & Special Offers / News & Reviews on 6th December 2017

Author - James Coplin

Have you had enough of throws, blankets and towels being strewn all over your living room? Propped up by clothes horses, side tables, the dog’s bed and whatever else is hanging around!  You need a Myweeteepee teepee play tent to create a perfect den or play area for your little one without making the place […]

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Summit Folding Table with 4 Stools

Use Camping Equipment For Extra Xmas Guests

Posted in Camping Tips / How To on 29th November 2017

Author - James Coplin

It’s Chriiiiiiiiisssssstttttttmmmaaaaaaaaaasss! Noddy Screams out of the radio……….which means only one thing….soon your house will soon be full of loved ones and perhaps a few strangers waiting to eat you out of house and home. Believe it or not, some of the stress can easily be relieved with a few choice purchases of camping equipment […]

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Portable Gas Heaters

Posted in Great Deals & Special Offers / News & Reviews on 21st November 2017

Author - James Coplin

This time of year whilst we prepare our website with all of the exciting new Tents and Awnings ( many of which are available to pre-order now for all you keen campers out there)  that will be coming out over the course of January and February next year, here in World of Camping HQ we’re […]

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Condensation or leak

Is it Leaking or Condensation?

Posted in Camping Tips / FAQs / How To on 3rd November 2017

Author - James Coplin

It’s probably Condensation………..   Leaking versus Condensation, it’s the big battle, the showdown when trying to decide if there is a fault with your tent or if it’s just nature making your sheets soggy….   When moist, warm air comes into contact with either a surface or air that is colder than it is, the […]

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Nine pole wondbreak

What to expect from my Windbreak?

Posted in Camping Tips / How To / Motorhomes & Caravans on 30th October 2017

Author - James Coplin

Seemingly essential for many campers these days is the trusty Windbreak. Often referred to by manufacturers, in their wisdom, as the Windscreen Windbreak.   Whilst the primary use for this item is, for want of a better term, to break wind. On your average campsite most campers really use the things to set up a […]

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Can a Caravan awning be used on a Motorhome?

Posted in Camping Tips / FAQs / How To / Motorhomes & Caravans on 26th October 2017

Author - Jack Simmons

The main difference between a caravan awning and a drive–away (motorhome awning) is the ability to leave the awning standing when there is no vehicle for the awning to be attached to, whereas a drive-away awning can be left pitched at the campsite unattached to a vehicle much like a tent. Since caravans tend to […]

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World of Camping Xmas Dinner

Camping Equipment Is Ideal To Accomodate Christmas Guests

Posted in Camping Tips / Great Deals & Special Offers on 7th December 2016

Author - James Coplin

The pandemonium brought on by Black Friday and Cyber Monday proves that Christmas shopping online is more popular than ever, but it’s easy to draw a blank as to where to look to get good ideas and the best deals. The best online shops have a wide variety of exciting things which aren’t so easily […]

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Camping in Cornwall

Posted in Camping Tips / News & Reviews on 23rd November 2016

Author - Fraser Cowie

The South West of England is an amazing place to pitch your tent, blow up your airbeds, unpack your rucksack, kick your shoes off, rest your feet and relax under the shimmering Sun (or raincloud!).   Some of the main reasons I believe people come and camp in Cornwall is because of the coastal walks, […]

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Camping improves your mental health – It’s official!

Posted in News & Reviews on 10th November 2016

Author - James Coplin

Grab your kids, pack them a rucksack, grab your tent, sleeping bag and self inflating from the loft and send them off to to the scouts or guides. Sit back and relax happy in the knowledge you’ve improved their mental health for later life!   Ok, it might not be quite as straightforward as that, […]

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