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Latest blog posts

Motorhome Awning

How do I attach a Driveaway Awning to my Van?

Posted in Camping Tips / FAQs / How To / Motorhomes & Caravans on 7th December 2018

Author - James Coplin

If you have a Campervan or Motorhome and want to add an extra bit of living space at the campsite then you need a Drive Away Awning. A Drive Away Awning is really just a tent with a small tunnel attached which fixes onto your vehicle, usually by means of a beaded strip which you […]

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Carbon Monoxide Alarm - World of Camping

Carbon Monoxide – Stay safe on the Campsite

Posted in Camping Tips / FAQs / How To / Motorhomes & Caravans on 30th November 2018

Author - James Coplin

Part of the fun of a camping trip and staying self sufficient is cooking your own food. Done responsibly this is no more dangerous than it is at home, but there are a few dangers to look out for to make sure you get no more ill side effects than indigestion from eating too much […]

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World of Camping Chaheati

Chaheati – The Heated Camping Chair

Posted in Great Deals & Special Offers on 11th May 2018

Author - James Coplin

The problem with sitting around your camp in the evening is that as the evening draws in but the chat keeps going the chill tends to set in. With a lot of campsites these days not allowing campfires for the dreaded health and safety it can be a bit chilly sat there with your glass […]

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Are my poles covered under warranty?

Posted in Camping Tips / FAQs / How To on 27th April 2018

Author - James Coplin

You’ve got your new tent out at the campsite, tipped it all out of the bag and you’re hurriedly putting all the poles together to thread through the sleeves. You’ve got a pole all the way through the sleeve without ripping it, got one of the Ring and Pins in one end, now for the […]

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Condensation or leak

When should I re-proof my Tent?

Posted in Camping Tips / FAQs / How To on 20th April 2018

Author - James Coplin

All new polyester tents, caravan awnings and driveaway awnings come with pre applied waterproofing on the fabric. The amount of waterproofing is officially defined by the Hydrostatic Head rating it has been given. In simple terms the higher the HH rating, the longer your tent should stay waterproof for before it needs re-proofing. The protective […]

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tent dry

Small Garden? Where to dry my Tent?

Posted in Camping Tips / FAQs / How To on 13th April 2018

Author - James Coplin

So, you’ve packed your new tent away after it’s first outing, and guess what, it rained for the whole duration of operation tent pack down! You’re going to have to dry it out in your back garden when you get home…..But what if you don’t have a back garden, or your new Air Tent is […]

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sleeping bag wash

How to wash your sleeping bag

Posted in Camping Tips / FAQs / How To on 23rd March 2018

Author - James Coplin

It’s that time of year again. The tent has been brought out from the shed for a bit of an airing, you’ve hunted around the garage for the camping accessories and realise you’re going to have to buy yet another set of pots and pans ( from World of Camping of course ) because the […]

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air tent repair

How to replace an inflatable tent beam

Posted in Camping Tips / How To on 2nd March 2018

Author - James Coplin

The arrival of the inflatable tent over the last few years has been a complete revelation for many campers. For some people, part of the joy of camping is partly to do with piecing together fibreglass poles and if necessary dealing with the odd broken or fractured pole when the wind gets up or if […]

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How to pack your tent

How to pack away your tent or awning

Posted in Camping Tips / How To on 27th February 2018

Author - James Coplin

So, you’ve done the fun bit,  enjoyed the sunshine (or sheltered from the rain) the fresh air. Got back to nature. Made the kids realise there’s much more fun to be had in the great outdoors than in front of their phone or gadget (even if you had to hide it from them and endure […]

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Hamax Lillehammer Rodel Mini Sledge 90

Sledges-An essential for the loft!

Posted in Camping Tips / Great Deals & Special Offers / News & Reviews on 19th December 2017

Author - James Coplin

We hope and wish for it all winter, when it arrives it always takes us by surprise and then we complain about the chaos it causes! Snow! We’ve had a smattering across parts of the country lately and by all accounts it’s looking likely we’ll get more before winter is up. It’s at this point […]

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