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There's so many cooking appliances out there, which one should I get for my upcoming camping trip?

We stock a great range of camping stoves and stove accessories for all your holiday cooking needs.  Lightweight camping stoves, gas stoves, camping grills, family stoves and single and double burners and dual fuel. You can even get little Ovens now to use on-site. When camping it's all about embracing simple, outdoor cooked food that tastes and smells delicious, even a bacon butty for breakfast cooked outdoors is special.  There are plenty of books that show you how to whip up a fantastic supper using just a couple of pans, in fact, when you return home, you may wonder why you need so many in your own kitchen!

One thing you need to make sure of is that your camping cooking equipment is in working order and man enough for the job. The single burner backpacking stove you and your mates heated up your baked beans on at Glastonbury might not be suitable now you have a family, or if you’re going camping for more than a few days.

Single burner camping stoves are fantastic if you are short on space, happy to cook all your meals in one pan (for an enormous selection of camping recipes check out the World of Camping Pinterest page here) or just like to keep things simple. They are also fantastic value for money and can be used with a minimum of fuss as there is no need to lug around a full sized gas bottle as fuel.

You’ll be surprised how well you can get by on a single hob. Chuck your whole English brekkie in a big frying pan (maybe do the beans afterwards!), cook up a lovely omelette, delicious healthy veg filled stir fry, or get a nice big pile of pancakes lined up to cover in your favourite toppings to munch on by the campfire.

If cooking on a single hob fills you with horror and you need something a little less basic than a single burner, then there are plenty of other options available. Double Burner Camping Stoves with Grills or Double Burners with Griddles give you loads of options to cook up a gourmet treat.

If you are going camping for a long period and will be cooking for yourselves most days, then it’s more advisable to go for a double burner type stove that hooks up to a butane bottle as they will last for a very long time. You’ll get several weeks worth of cooking from a butane bottle as opposed to perhaps a few days from a canister.

In order to use a larger camping stove, you will need a couple of metres of Gas Hose and a couple of Jubilee Clips in order to connect up to your Propane or Butane gas bottle. Propane is usually found in the larger orange bottles and generally more for domestic and industrial use. Butane is usually in the comparatively smaller blue bottles, making it easier to transport and therefore a more suitable option for campers.

Depending on the type of gas bottle you use you will also need to get the appropriate regulator for that particular bottle. Regulators are very inexpensive (generally in the region of £5-£6) and can be found on the World of Camping Website here.

We all love toast, don't we?! You'll need a toaster on the campsite, just be aware it may take a little longer to pop up than your one at home.

If you really want to get back to nature and use the fuel of the land (twigs!) then a wood burning stove is for you.

Of course, a perennial favourite cooking method for campers is the good old barbecue. Nothing quite beats the flavour of a good, well cooked, smoke filled (yes, probably burnt!) banger or two!