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  1. Vango Kela V Standard Awning
    Vango Kela V Standard AirAway Drive Away Awning
    £619.00 SRP: £690.00 Save: £71.00
    In Stock
  2. Outdoor Revolution Techline Canopi Lowline
    £79.99 SRP: £209.00 Save: £129.01
    Out of Stock
  3. Fiamma F40van 270 Awning
    £549.99 SRP: £599.99 Save: £50.00
    Out of Stock
  4. Vango Tolga VW Awning 2021
    £629.99 SRP: £770.00 Save: £140.01
    In Stock
  5. Outwell Milestone Dash
    £384.99 SRP: £444.99 Save: £60.00
  6. Outwell Wolfburg 380 Awning
    £899.99 SRP: £999.99 Save: £100.00
  7. Outwell Newburg 160 Drive Away Awning
    £429.99 SRP: £499.99 Save: £70.00
  8. Vango Agora VW Air Drive Away Awning
    £700.00 SRP: £765.00 Save: £65.00
  9. Outdoor Revolution Cayman Air Low (180 - 220) Awning Package
  10. Outdoor Revolution Cayman Air Mid Awning Package
  11. Outdoor Revolution Cayman Midi Air Low (180 - 210) Package
  12. Outdoor Revolution Cayman Midi Air Mid (210 - 255)) Package
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Results 1 to 12 (of 144)

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I need an awning for my motorhome but I don't know where to start looking?


First of all, you will need to decide if you would like a Fiamma Awning that attaches to the vehicle and winds out or a Drive Away Awning that you can leave at the campsite set up while you go off and explore for the day.


Fiamma Wind Out Awnings are the ones that you will have seen attached to many campervans and particularly larger motorhomes. They are more for daytime use just to get some shade in sunny conditions. Once attached to the motorhome they are a permanent fixture and are easy to wind in and out in a matter of minutes. These come in different versions.


You will either need an F45 or F80 Awning depending on the type of vehicle you have. There are a multitude of brackets available needed to fit these awnings. Unless you know exactly the type you need we advise you to give us a quick call or drop us an email with your vehicle specifications so we can recommend the right one for you. These awnings are despatched to you direct from our Fiamma Suppliers.


The most popular type of awnings are the Drive Away version. These are essentially a tent that fixes to the side of the vehicle using an inbuilt tunnel. The tunnel area has a strip of 6mm Kador sewn into it. This kador will then fix to the rail of the vehicle or can be fixed using a multitude of other methods.


These Driveaway Awnings are available as Pole Awnings or Air Awnings and are available in different fixing heights. You just need to measure from the ground up to the attaching point on your vehicle to find out which height awning you will need to buy.