Vango Adventure Collection

Vango is a British company formed in Scotland over 50 years ago, and during that time have really learned what the people of the UK, both need and look for in a tent.

The Adventure Tent collection from Vango is aimed at, soul travellers, couples, or groups of friends who want to go out and experience the elements and a spot of camping without completely breaking the budget.

The one-person Vango Soul 100 can be pitched in under 7 minutes and the fast-pack tent bag makes packing away quick and easy. At under 2kg, it’s perfect to throw in a rucksack or to take if you are travelling on a bike. If there are 2 of you, is only a tiny bit heavier, at only 2.17kg, so it’s another great tent to take if you're on a biking or hiking tour, or if you just need a high-quality tent that’s not going to weigh you down if you’re heading to a festival.

The Tay 300 and Tay 400 are great-looking tents which both boast a gothic arch pole over the entrance which will provide you with ample shelter from the weather. We love the little window in the porch area which will let light into the tent when you’re trying to find your socks in the morning.

If there are a few of you heading off on a camping trip have a look at the Skye 400 and Skye 500. These are favourites here at World of Camping. These 3 pole tunnel tents will pitch in under 15 minutes, leaving you more time to head off and see the local sights or catch that first band at the festival. The side entry door on the Skye takes you into the living area with the separate bedroom area on your right.

The Adventure Tent Range all feature a healthy 3000 Hydrostatic Head waterproof rating along with factory taped seams. They are all fully wind and rain tested which means that you can relax when the skies open.

Our favourite feature of this range is the Nightfall Bedrooms which help reduce light penetration, to allow for longer sleep in the morning, or even for that cheeky afternoon nap, you are on holiday after all!

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