Robens Outback Range

The Robens Outback Range of tents is a group of retro-looking tents with extremely eye-catching designs. The outstanding feature of all tents in this range is the Breathable Hydrotex® polycotton flysheet. This material, which is a mix of cotton (for breathability) and polyester (to keep the weight down) will let the tent breathe, which means that in hot weather the tent stays cooler, and in colder weather, the heat is retained.

These tents, in their subtle khaki colour always stand out from the pack at the campsite and are a firm favourite of World of Camping customers who like something a little different.

The roomy and popular Klondike bell tent is a regular best-seller for us and provides excellent levels of comfort for up to six people. The vertical door makes for easy access – especially in bad weather. Protective eaves run around the tent to shelter doors and walls from rain runoff. The groundsheet features a zip to the centre alloy pole, enabling it to be rolled away at the door to create a safe area in which to use the optional stove and a place for muddy boots. The popularity of this model prompted Robens to produce a larger model, The Klondike Grande which can sleep up to 10 people, and also the more cosy Klondike S which will sleep 4 people. All of these Klondike tents feature an Internal Apex Vent Control which is easy to operate from the inside and works with low-level mesh vents to control ventilation.

The Klondike Twin enlarges the Klondike concept and unites two of the popular Klondike models to create a living space for up to 12 people. Optional dark inners create vis-à-vis living around a central area that is designed to take a Robens tent stove.

The Kiowa is a great-looking tent, similar to the Klondike Grande in that it will sleep up to ten people, however, it features a large front porch which really makes the tent feel like a proper room once you enter it. The porch is ideal to store boots and gear in, in order to keep the main area of the tent neat and tidy.

The Prospector Castle is something a little different. This classically styled military-looking design features upright walls which make it look more like a huge room than a tent. The Castle measures 300cm x 330cm and is great to use as a base for groups to sit and chat or congregate. This tent will sleep up to 8 people.

The Prospector Shanty is a similar design to the larger Prospector but with lower side walls and a slightly lower capacity. Sleeping up to 6 people. Both Prospector tents benefit from practical features, including protective eaves over walls and doors, large mesh vents front and rear, and mesh pockets running the length of each tent wall.

If you seek rustic living, the Robens Yurt really stands out on the campground with its attractive hexagonal shape. Really Large windows, keep the spacious inside bright and airy while a flue outlet and zipped groundsheet allow the use of a stove. The 22mm steel poles keep the Yurt strong and sturdy in all weather.

Many of these Tents in the Robens Outback range feature an elasticated stovepipe port which allows the use of a solid fuel stove which is a superb feature, enabling you to keep toasty warm on those cold Summer evenings or on a cold Winter evening even.  The fire retardant Robens Stove Ground Protector is a recommended investment if you are going to go down this route.

You just need to look at this collection of tents to see the difference from a regular family camping tunnel tent and to see if it’s the type of design that will appeal to you. The tents are generally a large open space for you to populate as you see fit, as opposed to having separate bedrooms and living areas. However, for some models, there are bedroom inner tents available.

Robens Outback Range

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Outback Range

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