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The Outwell Encounter Collection of tents have always been a firm favourite of World of Camping customers. Their smaller pack size makes them ideal for those with limited space, either in the car, or in the cupboard at home.

They are ideal for taking to festivals on the long trek from the car to the camping field without breaking your back, even the five person Cloud 5 and Earth 5 both weigh less than 10kg each.

The Cloud 2 is small enough to stick in your rucksack if you’re hiking from one campsite to the next, and the Cloud 3 and Earth 3 are both popular with cyclists and bikers on tour.

The latest additions to the Encounter Range are the Sky 4 and Sky 6 tents. These 4 and 6 person tunnel style tents offer great options for families, giving you walk in entrances and multiple bedrooms with a keen price still in mind.

The light-filled living area of the Sky 4 opens up into a front canopy, letting you get closer to nature and protected from the weather as you relax, while the three darkened bedrooms to sleep six people and rear ventilation for adjustable airflow in the Sky 6 make it a great choice for the family to relax in.

This range of tents is budget friendly too, meaning you can spend more of your hard earned cash on enjoying your camping trip.

If you love the look of these tents but are looking for something a little bigger and more family orientated then head over to the Outwell Select Collection of family tents. This range offers both quality build and workmanship alongside fantastic value in tents with enough headroom that you can just walk in and out of.

Outwell Encounter Collection

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