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Keep Mosquitos And Insects At Bay

Posted in Camping Tips & Ideas / FAQs / How To on 18th February 2019

Author - James Coplin

For some, insects and creepy crawlies are just an inevitable part of the camping experience and many don’t really bat an eyelid. For others however, spiders, flies and mosquitos in and around the tent can be a reason for real worry, or even a reason to not even go in the first place!

Whether it’s your blood type, your diet, what you’re wearing or some other factor, some people are just more appealing to insects than others, these reasons are largely a mystery, but if you’re one of those people you will know all about it!

There are various products available that may help or be of interest, including – The Lumi Mosquito Light hangs in your tent and fries the bugs. Mosquito Hitting Swatters are like little tennis bats. There are also Mosquito Nets to go over your bed or just to go over your head in the form of a Head Net! These will help you along the way but there are plenty of other things that can be done to keep the little critters at bay.

For this reason World of Camping have put together a list of hints and tips to try and make your camping holiday about you and your family enjoying the great outdoors as opposed to be scared to go out in it!

  • Get a tent or awning with a sewn in groundsheet. If they can’t get in, they can’t get you!
  • Your pitch – Avoid wet areas and places with tall grass as insects and bugs tend to love these. If you’re camping abroad mosquitos can be a particular problem, so although that spot on the bank of the lake may look tempting, maybe think again!
  • Try and find somewhere with a bit of a breeze. You don’t have to camp on the edge of a cliff but the most sheltered spot in the shade may also be appealing to flying insects
  • Use citronella candles around your camp area. The oil is supposed to work by masking scents that are attractive to insects. This is a scientific talking point and not everybody agrees it works, some swear by it though and it won’t do any harm, and it smells nice!
  • Zip the tent up when you are inside or outside to try and keep creepy crawlies and insects away
  • Be hygienic – Keep the camping area clean. Bin food containers, dispose of leftover food and take rubbish directly to the campsite bins
  • Clean up any food or drink spillages swiftly to prevent insects swarming around. Wasps inparticular love a fizzy drink!
  • Pack insect repellent. There are numerous sprays you can buy or a quick online search will come up with a host of natural concoctions. A lot of sprays can be used on clothing instead of direct on the skin if you don’t like the thought of rubbing it on your skin.
  • Wear long sleeved shirts and trousers, especially after dusk. You may feel it’s too hot to do so, but this is the time when the mosquitos come out, so if you’re spending the evening sat outside the tent,wrap up.
  • Tuck your trousers in your socks. Your kids probably think you’re uncool anyway, so prove them right with this little fashion move! If the mozzies can’t get in, they can’t bite your legs!
  • Some insects are apparently more attracted to dark clothing. Make the mood more Summery by keeping your clothes in lighter colours and keep the bugs away at the same time.
  • Go fragrance free – smelly perfumes, creams and deodorants can attract the bugs, so try and use the fragrance free options for camping.
  • Eat the right food. Again, there are scientifically unfounded claims, but plenty of individual reports that eating garlic and Marmite (high in Vitamin B) can repel mozzies. Don’t overdo it on the garlic though unless you want to repel humans aswell……

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