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I've just bought my first Campervan/Motorhome/Caravan. I know I need loads of camping equipment to put in it, where do I start?

When you first buy a recreational vehicle, if it's 2nd hand, sometimes you may be lucky and get all of the previous owners cutlery, crockery and various other essentials. More than likely you won't though, especially if it's new.

Our Caravan and Motorhome section will give you a good idea of the various essentials and some luxuries that you will need.

You will likely want to put a portable toilet in your vehicle, even if it came with one, these aren’t the most popular 2nd hand items, best to get a new one! We sell the toilet chemicals needed for these too.

If you have a caravan, you may like to get a motor mover, these make your caravan remote controlled and make moving and pitching the vehicle a piece of cake. These are an investment that you will see the worth of over time and take all the effort out of the caravan moving experience.

Other essentials you will need will be things like electric hook up Leads and security and wheel clamps. We sell Steps to help you get in and out of the vehicle and various types of Laundry equipment and water and waste containers along with other solutions to help you get running water in your vehicle at the campsite.