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Can a Caravan awning be used on a Motorhome?

Posted in Camping Tips & Ideas / FAQs / How To / Motorhomes & Caravans on 26th October 2017

Author - James Coplin

The main difference between a caravan awning and a drive–away (motorhome awning) is the ability to leave the awning standing when there is no vehicle for the awning to be attached to, whereas a drive-away awning can be left pitched at the campsite unattached to a vehicle much like a tent.

Since caravans tend to be left at a campsite when in use, the awning is left attached to the caravan, whereas a motorhome tends to be removed from the campsite and used for transportation i.e. days out.

Because of this, there is no need for the caravan awning to be designed so that it can be left at the campsite without being attached to the caravan as it is a vital part of the awnings support and strength.

It is not possible to leave a caravan awning standing without the support of the vehicle.

A drive – away awning has the benefit that once attached to the van it can be sealed to the side door of the van, but once the van/motorhome is removed from the awning the tunnel can be sealed and the awning left just like a tent at the campsite.

This means that it is as safe to leave a driveway awning at a campsite full of belongings as it is to leave a tent at a campsite.

The other issue that will be encountered when trying to attach a caravan awning to a Motorhome is the attachment height. By this, we mean the flat area of C rail (attachment) on the top edge of the motorhome along the edge of the roof where the awning would attach.

Caravan awnings all have an attachment height of 235cm – 250cm

The average coach built motorhome that is equipped with the C rail is much higher from the ground than a caravan, so this is a further issue when trying to attach a Caravan awning to a motorhome.

So, in short, a caravan awning will not attach to a motorhome.

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