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I have my camping chairs, table and a cupboard, what else is there available?


Here at World of Camping we have all of the basic furniture items covered but there are plenty of other items that you may not have thought of yet.


We have a children's furniture section featuring alongside a few other items, lots of kids chairs in fun designs for the very little ones. Be sure to look at the dimensions on these though as most kids chairs are only really suitable for toddlers.


If you need a cover for a chair then head over to this section where you will find things like the Chaheati heated chair cover which will provide warmth whilst you sit outside on your camping chair.


If you need a carry bag for your relaxer chair then look no further than the Chair Bags section.


You can never have too many storage options, there's noting worse than big piles of clothes, toys, food or anything else cluttering up the tent. Check out the Storage Boxes and Baskets section where you will find all sorts of collapsible yet stylish storage possibilities including several boxes which double up as seats.


If you just want somewhere to tidy up your bits and pieces and clutter then a tent organiser may be what you need. Thee pack down very small for transport and generally consist of a series of pockets that you hang up from a hanging point in your tent or awning.


If you don't have enough hooks and hangers in your tent then you will probably find what you need for your hanging requirements here in the Hooks and Hangers section.