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Expert Advice on Picnics

Picnic Accessories

The British Summer tends to bring sunshine, warm air and lighter evenings. Us Brits love to make the most of a nice Summers day and what better to do so than have a proper British style picnic! At World of Camping we stock a large range of picnic accessories, everything from picnic bags, picnic cutlery, picnic blankets and picnic furniture! So get set this Summer with the latest picnic accessories!

 Picnic Accessories

Picnic Bags & Boxes

We stock a wide range of picnic bags and boxes that are great for storing all your picnic accessories whilst maintaining the traditional picnic basket look! With many styles and colours available, we are sure you'll see a picnic basket that takes your fancy! Prices for our picnic bags begin from £17.99.









Picnic Cutlery Sets

Picnic cutlery sets take away the stress and hassle of packing for a picnic, leaving the only thing to worry about is the food! The picnic cutlery sets make forgetting items alot harder as it can all be picked up in one simple bag. On average most sets include, spoons, knives, forks, cutting knife, chopping board and a tea towel! Everything needed for the perfect picnic.







Picnic Blankets

 A picnic isnt complete without the traditional checkered picnic blanket. We have a small range of picnic rugs that vary from waterproof picnic rugs, round picnic rugs and fleece picnic rugs! Its alot nicer sitting on a proper picnic rug rather than just grass, protects your picnic food from the large number of bugs in the grass.






Picnic Furniture

 For those people seeking comfort we stock foldable picnic tables which is great for older people and people that find sitting on the floor uncomfortable. Our picnic table and seats pack away into a portable size which make them a great for picnics and camping.








Picnic Sets

Picnic sets are perfect for people that dont have the time to prepare for a picnic. The all in one picnic bags contain everything you need (bar the food unfortunately) so you can basically pack the food and off you go! All in one sets often include;  a picnic rug, plates, bowls, cutlery, cups, a chopping board, tea towel, cutting knife and storage bag!