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Posts tagged with "travel"

how to pack your backpack

How to Pack your Backpack

Posted in Camping Tips & Ideas / FAQs / How To on 12th November 2014

Author - Clay Cowie

Many people go into packing their backpack with no strategy in place. You may be thinking “You need a strategy for packing a bag?” Well as silly as it may sound, yes you do. Having a packing strategy in place will help improve your overall backpacking experience. Learning to organise your gear properly before loading […]

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world of camping backpacking mistakes

8 Backpacking Mistakes People Make

Posted in Camping Tips & Ideas / How To / News & Reviews on 31st October 2014

Author - Clay Cowie

Whether you’re backpacking over the weekend or off travelling the world, there is no doubt you’ll have a good time. What’s not to love? Packing your backpack and wondering out to explore, travel and discover new places without a care in the world. With backpacking becoming ever more popular year on year and airline companies […]

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Camping equipment, tents

5 Places To Go Camping Before You Die

Posted in Camping Tips & Ideas / Motorhomes & Caravans on 15th October 2014

Author - Clay Cowie

  Some of these destinations may seem a million miles away, but they should definately be put on the bucket list. Nothing more than your standard camping equipment and a good tent is needed for your camping trip of a life time. 1. HORNSTRANDIR  –  ICELAND   I know camping in Iceland may seem daunting […]

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