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Which Tent Pegs Do I Need?

Posted in Camping Tips & Ideas / FAQs / News & Reviews on 5th February 2015

Author - Clay Cowie

tent pegs

Tent Pegs are a camping essential. We all use them to secure our tents and awnings,but with there being so many variations avaliable, do we know the tent pegs we actually need ?

Well here at World of Camping we have a tent peg range to suit everyone’s needs (Don’t get too excited!). In this blog post I shall run through the options campers have when it comes to selecting the right tent pegs.


Steel Pegs

All too often World of Camping hears stories of broken pegs and frayed tempers of campers who bend and break pegs in hard or stony ground. These traditional hard steel ground pegs will glide through the toughest ground. A no nonsense way to ensure your pitching experience remains calm! Steel pegs are considerably heavier than other peg alternatives, which leads people to using lighter aluminium tent pegs. Ideal for larger family tents and awnings.

  • Comes with plastic carry case.
  • Peg length 20.5cms

steel tent pegs


Aluminium Pegs

Aluminium tent pegs are great for hiking and on the move camping, this is due to them being extremely lightweight. Aluminium tent pegs are very affordable and widely available. On the negative side, tent pegs made from aluminium are more prone to bending and snapping when comparing them to the stronger steel peg. Many people opt for a steel peg if they are going to be stationary for a longer period of time. Ideal for smaller tents and wilderness camping.

  • Lightweight
  • Inexpensive
  • Come in a wide range of lengths and styles.

Aluninium tent pegs


Biodegradable Pegs

An Eco friendly alternative to standard pegs. If these accidentally get left behind in the ground when you’ve packed up and left, they won’t cause long-term problems underfoot for pets and children. Also a great option for festivals where land is used for farming the rest of the year – avoiding harm to livestock and damage to machinery. Perfect for festival goers.

  • 10 per pack
  • Eco friendly alternative to standard metal or plastic pegs
  • 6″ (15cm)

biodegradable tent pegs


Glow in the dark Pegs

Glow in the dark heavy duty pegs. World of Camping recommend these pegs to use on hard difficult ground. No need to worry about tripping over them in the dark! Ideal for hard ground. Steel peg with glow nylon head, peg length 20cms. Comes with plastic carry case. Ideal if camping with kids or the elderly.

  • Unique “glow in the dark” design
  • Reduces the risk of trips and falls
  • Tough plastic hook
  • Stainless steel spike
  • Made in GB

glow in the dark pegs


LED Pegs

With an innovative design that allows the lights to be repositioned, these pegs provide much needed light for a campsite at night while keeping a tent secured to the ground. Perfect if camping with children or elderly people.

  • Battery Requirements: 4 x SR41 included
  • Plastic pegs with LED lights
  • Lights can be repositioned
  • Pack of 4 Blister card in display box

LED tent pegs


Screw in Pegs

Ideal for use in hard and shaley ground, the screw pegs are solid and robust. Will go in, and pull out of the ground easier than standard pegs, without bending. Ideal for hard ground. Steel peg with corkscrewed shaft for extra grip, 13mm bolt head. Can be used with a DRILL ADAPTER for ultra-easy use! Ideal if you are going to be set up for longer period of time or in high winds.

  • Ground holding technology
  • In and out using a cordless drill
  • Requires a 13mm socket
  • Fantastic on grass and hard standings
  • Made in Great Britain
  • Stainless steel spike
  • Recycled plastic case and peg top

screw in pegs


Plastic Power Pegs

The brightly coloured plastic tent pegs provide another great option, allowing them to be easily spotted when taking your tent/awning down. The benefits of using plastic pegs are, they are lightweight, sturdy and they won’t ever rust! Useful for all types of camping.

  • Brightly coloured, so you won’t lose them
  • Very lightweight
  • Sturdy
  • No rust

Gelert Yellow Plastic Pegsblack-line

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