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10 Vintage Caravans That Will Amaze You

Posted in Motorhomes & Caravans on 27th October 2014

Author - Clay Cowie

10 vintage caravans


Caravans and Motorhomes have dramatically changed over the last 60 years, with larger, more powerful and better technology vehicles available. We take a look some of the best motorhomes and caravans from the past,   some as early as the forties.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 1950-Spartan-Spartanette 1954-Spartan-Imperial-Mansion 1959 fireball trailer 1964-GM-Bison 6166e7718ad27598755f673eeab796552 bus1 bus2 img_0041 mack truck camper tiny camper VW camper


These Caravans age from 1941 to 1969 and what suprises us most is how different they all are, the colours and sizes are all unique. With most of the caravans looking  slightly refurbished, it gives each one a greater sense of design. If these caravans were crusing the roads in today’s world they would guarantee to turn heads.




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