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green windbreaks

Windbreaks – The Buying Guide

Posted in Camping Tips & Ideas / How To / Motorhomes & Caravans / News & Reviews on 31st July 2015

Author - Clay Cowie

Windbreaks Windbreaks are a great multi purpose outdoor accessory. They make life in the outdoors much easier and are more than affordable, with a wide range of windbreaks on the market. An entry level windbreak can be picked up for £8 -£10 which would be perfect for beach trips through the summer. Where as our […]

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tent pegs

Which Tent Pegs Do I Need?

Posted in Camping Tips & Ideas / FAQs / News & Reviews on 5th February 2015

Author - Clay Cowie

Tent Pegs are a camping essential. We all use them to secure our tents and awnings,but with there being so many variations avaliable, do we know the tent pegs we actually need ? Well here at World of Camping we have a tent peg range to suit everyone’s needs (Don’t get too excited!). In this […]

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Ezy Stove from World of Camping

The best Camping Stove for me?

Posted in Camping Tips & Ideas / FAQs / News & Reviews on 27th January 2015

Author - James Coplin

So, you’ve got your camping trip planned, you’ve collected together all your camping equipment from the loft/garage/garden shed and it’s time to work out how much of it is going to see you through another 2 weeks on your favourite campsite ! One thing you need to make sure of is that your camping cooking […]

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camping in st agnes

Discover Cornwall – St Agnes

Posted in Camping Tips & Ideas / Motorhomes & Caravans / News & Reviews on 23rd January 2015

Author - Clay Cowie

  Tucked into a stunning and unspoilt spot on the north Cornish coast, St Agnes sits in both a designated ‘Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty’ and a ‘World Heritage Site’. St Agnes is a traditional mining village that openly welcomes families of all ages. With there being plenty of things to do and see, St […]

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World of Camping Xmas Newsletter

Extra Xmas Guests – Xmas Newsletter

Posted in Great Deals & Offers / News & Reviews on 18th December 2014

Author - James Coplin

With UK online shopping set to break £100 billion in 2014 when the figures are all counted up, are expecting a bumper season, and have their own recommendations for shoppers helping to break the records. Plenty of camping equipment ideally doubles up to help accommodate festive guests. Details of which can be found in […]

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cornwall camping

Cornwall – Top Internet Search

Posted in News & Reviews on 17th December 2014

Author - Clay Cowie

    At the end of each calendar year the almighty search giants that are Google, release reports on the top search queries from around the world. These queries can be broken down by industry sector, Continent, Country, State, County and City. Allowing the general public to view the top ten searched phrases of the […]

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Wild Camping - World of Camping

Wild Camping is on the up!

Posted in Camping Tips & Ideas / News & Reviews on 28th November 2014

Author - James Coplin

The Welsh government are about to consult on allowing wild camping on the lakesides, countryside and hills of Wales (it’s already legal in Scotland). World of Camping takes a look at the phenomenon of Wild camping and offers tips and advice on how to make a Wild Camping trip go smoothly. Not everyone’s idea of […]

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Provence heater sale

World of Camping Gas Heater Exclusive

Posted in Great Deals & Offers / News & Reviews on 21st November 2014

Author - Clay Cowie

  Please click on the picture above for more details on the gas heaters on sale

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world of camping sleeping bag

12 Weird and Crazy Sleeping Bags

Posted in Camping Tips & Ideas / News & Reviews on 14th November 2014

Author - Clay Cowie

Sleeping bags come in all different shapes, sizes, colours and togs. The sleeping bag is an essential piece of camping equipment that is widely used by all ages of people. With there being so many sleeping bag brands on the market, a select few are bringing out new creative sleeping bags that have never been […]

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world of camping blog

Caravan Products To Keep You Warm

Posted in Camping Tips & Ideas / Great Deals & Offers / Motorhomes & Caravans / News & Reviews on 10th November 2014

Author - Clay Cowie

After a surprisingly warm October. Winter as us Brits know it, is well and truly upon us. Many people enjoy touring at this time of year and there are also people that live in their caravan or motorhome all year round. As you can probably imagine this can be a very cold time of year. […]

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