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World of Camping Xmas Dinner

Camping Equipment Is Ideal To Accomodate Christmas Guests

Posted in Camping Tips / Great Deals & Special Offers on 7th December 2016

Author - James Coplin

The pandemonium brought on by Black Friday and Cyber Monday proves that Christmas shopping online is more popular than ever, but it’s easy to draw a blank as to where to look to get good ideas and the best deals. The best online shops have a wide variety of exciting things which aren’t so easily […]

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Camping in Cornwall

Posted in Camping Tips / News & Reviews on 23rd November 2016

Author - Fraser Cowie

The South West of England is an amazing place to pitch your tent, blow up your airbeds, unpack your rucksack, kick your shoes off, rest your feet and relax under the shimmering Sun (or raincloud!).   Some of the main reasons I believe people come and camp in Cornwall is because of the coastal walks, […]

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Camping improves your mental health – It’s official!

Posted in News & Reviews on 10th November 2016

Author - James Coplin

Grab your kids, pack them a rucksack, grab your tent, sleeping bag and self inflating from the loft and send them off to to the scouts or guides. Sit back and relax happy in the knowledge you’ve improved their mental health for later life!   Ok, it might not be quite as straightforward as that, […]

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Rent out your Tent!

Posted in Camping Tips / How To / News & Reviews on 4th November 2016

Author - James Coplin

This year we’ve seen a notable rise in the great British public choosing to stay at home for a camping holiday in the UK. The camping industry as a whole has been thriving this year. As a company we at World of Camping have had a very busy season and being based in Redruth in […]

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manhattan heater

Manhattan Heater – Everything You Need To Know!

Posted in Great Deals & Special Offers / News & Reviews on 27th October 2015

Author - Clay Cowie

Manhattan Heater The Manhattan heater is sleek and fashionably chic and will add a beautiful focal point in any room. This ‘living flame’ gas stove provides on-the-spot instant warmth, from 3 heat settings and there is no installation needed, just place where it’s needed and use straight away. Portable heaters are a great way of […]

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camping camping in the rain advice

Family Camping In The Rain

Posted in Camping Tips on 9th October 2015

Author - Clay Cowie

Family camping in the rain As we leave the summer behind and approach October, many families are still looking for discounted weekend breaks at a local holiday park. With the weather not being as good as we would have liked this summer, expectations aren’t high for October! Everyone knows us Brits are well accustomed to […]

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camping canada

5 Health Benefits of Camping

Posted in Camping Tips on 29th September 2015

Author - Clay Cowie

5 Health Benefits of Camping Most people go on camping trips to get away from reality and to spend time with friends and family. Some go just because they want an adventure! Camping gives you the chance to take yourself away from any distractions that may occur in your every day life. But what you […]

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caravan ready for winter

Get Your Caravan Ready For Winter

Posted in Camping Tips / FAQs / Motorhomes & Caravans on 15th September 2015

Author - Clay Cowie

Is your Caravan ready for the Winter? As we ease into autumn, caravan owner’s minds turn to storing the caravan away for the Winter. If your caravan is going to be stored away all Winter, then a little preparation will help reduce the chance of any problems when you bring it back into service the […]

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family hammocking ideas

7 Hammocking Ideas Your Family Will Love!

Posted in Camping Tips on 9th September 2015

Author - Clay Cowie

Hammocking represents the simplicity that can be found in life. It allows us to step away from our jobs and our worries and take a brief moment to look at what surrounds us and just exist. It is at these times when we are able to disconnect from the worldly and reconnect with ourselves. If […]

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electric cool box

Whats the Difference Between Compression & Absorption Coolboxes?

Posted in FAQs / How To on 20th August 2015

Author - Clay Cowie

  The best coolbox for you will depend on your personal requirements: the size of your group, the length of your trip, and whether you need freezer capability or not. This guide will help make an informed choice between the different electric coolboxes. Electric cool boxes   Thermoelectric coolboxes use the Peltier effect as a […]

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